Astral Doors Lyrics

Astral Doors Lyrics

From the Album Requiem Of Time (2010) (buy at
Requiem Of Time
Testament Of Rock
Power And The Glory
Rainbow Warrior
Call Of The Wild
St. Peter's Cross
So Many Day So Many Nights
Blood River
Anthem Of The Dark
Metal DJ
Fire And Flame
Greenfield Of Life
The Healer
Evil Spirits Fly
When Darkness Comes

From the Album New Revelation (2007) (buy at
New Revelation
New Revelation
Freedom War
Pentecostal Bound
Bastard Son
Waiting For The Master
Planet Earth
Cold War Survivor
Gates Of Light
Shores Of Solitude
Mercenary Man

From the Album Astralism (2006) (buy at
Black Rain
London Caves
From Satan With Love
Fire In Our House
Raiders Of The Ark
Tears From A Titan
Oliver Twist
The Green Mile
In Rock We Trust
Apocalypse Revealed
The Astral Friar

From the Album Evil Is Forever (2005) (buy at
Evil Is Forever
Bride Of Christ
Time To Rock
Evil Is Forever
Praise The Bones
Pull The Break
Fear In Their Eyes
From The Cradle To The Grave
The Flame
Path To Delirium

From the Album Of The Son And The Father (2003) (buy at
Of The Son And The Father
Of The Son And The Father
Hungry People
Slay The Dragon
Ocean Of Sand
In Prison For Life
The Trojan Horse
Burn Down The Wheel
Night Of The Witch
Rainbow In Your Mind
Man On The Rock
Far Beyond The Astral Doors
Moonstruck Woman

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