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Show You Lyrics
[Verse 1]
Baby what yur going thru
Know that im here for yuh
Yuh dont ever have to worry bout it
Cuz everything else ill do without it
Ill share yur struggle
(ill place)
No one above you
You didn know how strong my love is
Baby let me show you

My love is true
For only you my dear
(i wanna show you)
How much i care
Ill be right there always
(im gunna be right there)
How good love is
I pray for this to come
(let me just show you)
Your the only one
(only one)
The only one for me yeh
(only one for me)

[verse 2]
Doesnt matter what they think of me
They nowhere in yur lead
But everybody got alot to say
And doesn matter i dont look that way
(and) ill always be the same
(and) this here will never change
(and) and if you still cant tell
How much i love you let me show you


[breakdown x2]
Im here im gonna show you everything that i mean
You know yuve always given me everything that i need
I found somebody finaly thats perfect for me
And i wanna show you baby...

[chorus x2]

Ooh ohh
Ummm ummmm
Uhhhh uhhhh
Boy yur the only one for me
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