Runaway Lyrics by Ashanti

Ashanti Lyrics

Runaway Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Time and time again I convince myself that we ain't over
Don't listen to my friends when they say I'm the fool cause they don't know love
Then you go and do some shit that proves them all right
Each and every time

I try to make it work
I try to make it work, but I just end up hurt
I tell you it's okay cause I don't wanna leave
But you make it so hard for me to stay so I run away

[Verse 2:]
Every time I try to ignore it my mind just reminds me we're through
And even if you try to move on ain't another you'll find that'll do what I do
You lied to me so many times I just can't take no more
You're dragging my heart to the floor


[Verse 3:]
So here's what I wanna do, baby
Instead of me fighting with you, baby
I'll leave, I'mma let this shit free
Usually I don't run from nothing
Losing me with your lack of love hurts
I had enough

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