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ASAP Ferg Lyrics

Pantie Lover Lyrics
Every time I walk up in the club, I got like two bitches
Every time I walk up in the club, I got my crew with me

Every time I see you with another nigga, you be like she love me
I'm the nigga gettin' middle fingers, don't you think I could be your hubby?
You be runnin' with them pro bitches, don't you think they gonna f*ck me?
I be runnin' with a crew of niggas, that's why they call me ASAP
I don't give a f*ck who you was f*ckin'
I don't give a f*ck who you was lovin', girl
Sippin' on the Henny got me buggin'
Better call a nigga back and tell me somethin', girl
I just had my partner got me trippin'
With [?] you trippin', girl
Now your ass need to get a whippin'
All in this bubbly, got me slippin', girl
I had you strippin'
Leave you limpin'
When my friends see you
I hope they ain't see you, like that
How you gon' do a nigga like that?
I f*cked hoes, but a nigga right back
F*cked hoes, need to get my life back
F*ck, I need to get my life on the right track
I bought you Alexander Wang, I know you like that
With a dinner at Felice with a nice snack
Them Twitter bitches lyin', I ain't pipe that
I'm 'bout to start a pussy riot, need a light pack
Cause I come with groupie bitches, they 'on't like that
Tried to f*ck a groupie bitches, they 'on't like that
All I need is you for a night cap
Beat that pussy up then I'm gonna give it an ice pack
Bet my dick a nigga picked the right track
With a tough beat with a light rap
I'm tired of givin' you niggas a nice trap
Young Fergenstein, mic jack
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