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[A$AP Ferg:]
You didn't want me, I'm in the game now
I seen her in the club, she like "hey now"
I don't want you, with them dirty braids now
I got a bad chick, and she gay now
She got a bad chick, I tell 'em "lay down"
I'm the Ferg-inator, I don't play 'round
I get a couple thousand people on my page now
Woke up in the strip club and get payed now
Brown paper bag money 'bout twenty thou'
Man, rap the new trap who you foolin' now?
A couple pop star, wanna toot it now
When I'm in they town, we fool around
Ain't sayin' no names, who you foolin' now?
Ain't tryna see TMZ out my newest house
Take your pics of my bitch in her newest blouse
[?] cause I'm too aroused

[Hook - Crystal Caines:]
Now your pockets swole
But when you was broke
You was trying to touch and go
Nigga watch your code
Real [?]
That's how all y'all niggas roll
(Now I got my)
Booty swole, nails and toes
Boy you know just how it goes
You'se a "whoa" and you know
That's how all y'all niggas roll
(Boy you know I got my)
Booty swole
Booty swole
(Boy you know I got my)
Boy you know just how it goes

[MZ 007:]
I just rapped myself off section 8 nigga
I said "I just rapped myself off section 8 nigga"
Now my pockets heavy like my weight nigga
Bout to take a OC to the face nigga
And you know I'm always rappin' 'bout some real shit
And I keep a real nigga I can chill with
Me and Ferg on the track, we bout to kill shit
Princess of hip hop they gotta deal with it
And on my momma right hand on the Bible
I ain't tryin' to be a rival
But I'm coming for the title
Nigga, princess no barbie
Fat chick, ride the 808 like a Harley, bitch
I stand tall no hard dick
I'm important now I'm on the red carpet
Killer weed have you niggas in a coffin
And Saint Louis is my motherf*ckin office

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