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ASAP Ferg Lyrics

Lord Lyrics
[Verse 1]
I ain't never had shit
Not a pot to piss
Window to throw it out of
Sherm got me high get your ass in the shower
Took one pull, shit told her it wasn't sour
Hit a double drum chant getting louder (chant getting louder)
Mulan bitch wanna f*ck for an hour
Start sucking dick bitch enough of the powder
Come f*ck with this bougie nigga
Come f*ck with this bougie nigga
High fashion Ksubi nigga
You bbbruck with them booty niggas
Cause you f*ck with them booty niggas
Now Fergie all up in your groupie nigga
Reincarnation of Master Ferradi
Elijah Muhammad reside in my heart
Diss and I'll blow, and shouts from Allah
Knowledge was born with science young lord
Trippin' yourself is no valish young lord
Study your scriptures and follow your God
Life in the trap I know times will get hard
I'll pick up your life just Abide by the lord
Or ride by the lord

Abide by the lord
Abide by the lord
Abide by the lord

[Verse 2: Flesh N Bone]
You bout to get it from a general,
I don't know if they can hear me though
Don't you niggas ever bother trying to see me I'm a criminal
Oh lord once he's in the sight of the scope
I'mma let em' have it [?] damn he wants to make me set it off
Im'a bury you muthaf*ckas without a coffin
Never taking no shorts we never taking no losses
When your dealing with my crew, A$AP Bone yeah we bosses
Anybody with a bone to pick
I'm gonna level my charge I'm damn sure to make it stick
You must be looking to suffer well Im'a make it quick
Gotta train, roll the ish that'll make ya sick
I'm here to wipe em out quicker than a pandemic
Bone came original now they get me can you dig it
Hell yeah they can dig it while I'm sitting on my throne
Steady laughing at you niggas trying to get it, get it, get it

[Verse 3: Bizzy Bone]
Man I'm running till the end of this
And I don't give a f*ck if I was 86'd
A muthaf*cka play me like I'm Canibus
Im ready for the battle like a Pagan is
Im never gonna take it in and nobody can break it in
As-salamu alaykum for the bacon
And a little bit of coke I put the cake in and it's certified dope
Having anything to do with it we selling
Every rock that they can smoke so let's take a toke and Im'a rake it in
Pillsbury the dough, to the dome, like im seeking through the soul,
Like I'm peeking through the soul
But I'm reekin like the reaper, rather keep up with the goal/gold?
Straight to the dro
Creepin' on em, peeping on em, leave em in the zone
They don't even really know
Looking on em, keeping on em, taking every foe
For the love of the money B gotta reap in what I sow
But I keep it what I know
For the ending of the row gotta go will I go
When I get it Im'a know to follow my known foe
My caliber lock and load alabaster box when I cock and I crow
Gotta Glock and I'm Bone Thug where you wanna flow
To the clock and the time zone
Spirit gon fly all y'all niggas dead to the life force cyclones?
Right now when they hydro while what about the well known Cairo

[Verse 4: Layzie Bone]
Got em stuck in the grave
I'm on the grind full time never rest to get paid
A little hustlin' muthaf*cka put the brush to the face
I Cut the braids, hit the stage now they looking amazed
I went from cookin the yay to hundred thousand dollar shows
Gotta book in a day and Im'a split it with my bros
Gotta get it how we go come meet me with the pros
Now I'm never gon fold watch the bank account grow
If it ain't about dough then it ain't about jack
And Im'a take it like I want it I ain't giving it back
I get us in with a stack and then I get on attack
I'm like the tasmanian devil nigga bigger than shaq
Call the reaper get the shovel I'm a certified rebel in a league of my own
And that's a whole nother level, nothing's free
I never settle keep the pedal to the metal
When them haters in my rear view, hello hello

[Verse 5: Krayzie Bone]
Burn, baby let it burn,
Now it's my turn,
I get in a nigga's system like a hundred viles of sherm,
Then I kill em with 2 thousand words in 2 minutes,
You never heard another nigga spit it like my niggas,
Yeah, you heard em try to get with it
But couldn't get it quicker than the realest,
Man they think they can deal with this,
And knock me out my rythym, but I'm never gonna be the f*ckin' victim,
Cause I'd rather be the suspect,
Haven't I given them enough yet,
Can't they understand they ain't dealing with a punk bitch,
One quick move and it's murda,
And I'm a serve a nigga exactly what he deserving,
A$AP, but wait a minute,
I'm probably one of the sickest niggas that ever did it,
I'm in it cause I'm a win it,
I'm a muthuf*ckin' lyrical tyrant,
Pivotal giant of this shit,
And I do way more, just twist the words,
You better listen and observe, how I rip the verb,
Niggas get the nerve to run up on me, but my shits superb,
I'll probably hit a nigga once before he hit the curb,
So get at me, I'm kinda trigger happy,
When it come to shootin' my gift,
I'm like a 44 magnum, Stag one
Backin' em up, body bag full of niggas,
Wack raps, that's wack, so I'm stackin' em up,
Kray Jack in the cut, still got a little bit of murda for em,
Murderous poet, I create a bloody murda poem,
So when they run up on me nigga be ready to show em
Redrum redrum redum rum rum

Yo, Before this...Project,
We'd like to thank the most high
On behalf of the A$AP Mob, Bone Thug and, all in attendance
Knowing that all things belong to those
For the cleanliness and the power the first in the nation
To prove who they are,
Through infinity, through eternity, through time spand...
Standing one man, if you hold my hand, hold my hand,
(make sure its a hand)
With all things around me I will never win
I won't win with angels,
I won't win with the brothers,
I won't win with Rome,
I won't win with Sodom and Egypt,
(I keep corpse close to my home)
Let us woe tell them why we did what we did, if we did
In Jesus name, Amen.
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