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ASAP Ferg Lyrics

Jungle Lyrics
Nigga smoking cigaweed stressin'
All my sons feeling neglected
Woke up in the strip club flexin'
I want all the girls on my erection
I'm thankful to God that I'm winning
So I ain't gotta talk to you peasants
T Ferg out of jail and he with me
You know that shit is a blessing

[Hook x4:]
Uh-huh (Uh-huh)
Yeah-huh (Yeah-huh)

Nigga smoking cigaweed stressin'
I'm guessin' no nigga like me put in that work like a Mexican
All these bitch niggas be hype off they estrogen
Fergie so sick he changed up his medicine
Ain't gon deny, I be so fly
Put the heat in the street and it ain't no mirage
Can't you see with your eyes, I'm the new [?]
Need a bad bitch like Nicki to have a menage
Sorry Safaree, she got some thick thighs
No game like Atari, when a slice of that pie
Shoutout to Bari Vlone on the rise
2 thou for the hoodie, toast to the god


[Marty Baller:]
(Marty, finish 'em)
Feeling like I'm bout to turn it up
Tell the DJ I said turn it up
Cause I come from a place where niggas don't sleep
They selling that white seven days of the week
All night to stay on they feet
Then they hunt in the night like a thief
Cop guns cause they stay in some beef
Then they ride with them guns in the street (All the time)
My niggas be uber the Jeep
Personal driver whenever we creep
Guns gon fly open whenever we meet
And I'm grabbing them guns out the seat
Cause I heard you got it for cheap
Got it for low, and we trying to eat
With my flow, I could rock you to sleep
And knock them birds off in a week
We ain't come for no games
Now my niggas ain't playing
What the f*ck is you saying?
Motherf*cker y'all paying
All them hammers is spraying
All your bodies is staying
Y'all niggas ain't show me no love
I remember they tried to act tough
Now when I walk in the club, I light up my weed, and them niggas they all want to puff
What the f*ck is that stuff?
We don't rock like that, and ya niggas really ain't gon pop like that
They not like that, they don't fight back
Tell 'em shoot and them niggas give the Glock right back
Them bitches they all used to front
I tell them to lick on my nuts
Then kiss on my shit, then spit on my shit
Then smoke it up just like a blunt

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