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ASAP Ferg Lyrics

Ja-Rule Lyrics
Flyer than a motherf*ckin' propeller
Pretty bad bitch that's so yellow
Finna f*ck a clip out for fellas
Get it cracking on a bitch like a old leather
Toupee'd on a bitch like an old fella
Souffle on a bitch cause my dough better
Used to go to Mickie D's with no cheddar
Now my chauffeur getting f*ckin' so fed up
Now let's go to Sue's Rendezvous
Most of your crew be strange dudes
Two bitches like deja vu
Blowing that skunk like Pepé Le Pew
Make it hot in here like Nelly
Make her side burn like Ashanti's 'do
Murdering Ink like I'm Irv Gotti
F*ck around and sing like I'm Ja Rule

[Hook x4:]
Sing like I'm Ja Rule
F*ck around and sing like I'm Ja Rule
(Where would I be without my baby?)

[Big Sean:]
It's the player you heard of, the young and assertive
I came from the dirt up, and did the unheard of
Hoes say I'm the man, mm-hmm I concur it
I'm young and perverted
If I don't get the pussy or the payment, what the f*ck is the purpose?
Don't call on my phone, unless you're the fam or my girl
I'm a just say it's no service, stay connected as cursive
I bet if you put my name on it that I make it bigger
She saying she wanna take a picture, I let her take a picture
But don't send it to me 'less it's f*ckin naked pictures
Feel me, I'm into safe sex-y, latex-y, rubber stretch-y
Good weed, no stress-y
You can get your broke bestie, show your chesties
Tell your boyfriend to stay off my testies, lil bitch
What he tryin' to say?
Make that 9 shake, pump up the crime rate
Pump up the value, make that bitch vibrate
Pump up the alcohol on the hydrate, she thirsty
And that's a damn shame
Red bone, white money, blue dream that's my campaign
I order Hors d'oeuvres, roll up more herb
I hit it, I bust, and throw it to Ferg, for sure

[Big Sean:]
F*ck around and sing like I'm Ja Rule, hah
F*ck around and sing like I'm Ja Rule bitch
Aha, Sean Don, ASAP Mob nigga


Baby, what would I be without my baby?
What would I be without my baby?
What would I be without my baby?
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