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ASAP Ferg Lyrics

Cocaine Castle Lyrics
Everybody going to this cocaine castle
You'll probably see your reverend at this cocaine castle
Pimps and prostitutes at this cocaine castle
Doctors in their suits at this cocaine castle
Babies in they pampers at this cocaine castle
Crying with they grandma at this cocaine castle
Momma doing drugs at this cocaine castle
Tryna get some buzz at this cocaine castle

[Verse 1]
Another day in the crack house, where demons be talking to fiends
Couple hits and a blackout, needles be stuck all in their veins
Sing a song that be stuck all in your brain
That shit so potent, it have you doing devilish things
Take a walk through the dark side, where a nigga don't see no light
One hit is all I need, that nigga gon' take your life
What about your wife? What about your kids?
What about your crib? What about your moms? What about her tears?
What about that shit? What about your uncle? He died last year
From the same thing, you kissed that glass to hide your fears
Bring nothing to your life, you die, you die
Basing your life upon the hope that you gon' get the same high


I remember when I was lit the f*ck up
I just... I just remember that day

[Verse 2]
Tripping off this weed got a nigga slow motion
Chills all over my body like some cold lotion
Tryna wrestle demons like I'm f*cking Hulk Hogan
Looking for the cure but I'm seeing no potion
Tryna sleep it off but it only gets worse
Seems like my whole life f*cking been cursed
Devil tryna get me in this f*cking paradise
F*cking all these bitches raw just to roll the dice
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