ASAP Ferg - Bonnaroo Lyrics

ASAP Ferg Lyrics

Bonnaroo Lyrics
I had a good year
All them music festivals and shit
I can't believe MTV crowned me King Bonnaroo
Haha, shit was a party on stage, yeah

Just got back from Bonnaroo, that shit was amazing
Girls crowdsurf to the stage for the booty shaking
Express Yourself set the tone, by Diplo
Today was blazing so they taking off their shit slow
Show them titties, show them titties, me and Marty screaming
TJ on the 1 and 2s, he got the party heating
My DJ making it far, just hope his daddy see him
Jam Master Jay Junior, I know that he can't believe it
He could be the next A-Trak, just keep dreaming
God got me on a mission, nigga, I'mma keep preaching
Lords Never Worry, point blank period
We divine and then shine through these dark demons
Flying vultures, bra leeches
Moment you want some pussy, they act like they can't believe it
They got a rap nigga like "well, at least can I see it?"
Claiming you got a man, you was outside my trailer just fiending
Giving me celibate speeches, I got a hell of a penis
Give you that crack pipe, girl, who the hell is your dealer?
She laughing now, you acting mad cause I ain't let you beat it
I play myself anyway cause you the weakest
Now I'm straight off the stage into the tour bus
Had enough of these hoes, it's time to get focused
I couldn't figure what to write
Until I mumbled some words and started on the chorus

[Hook - Wynter Gordon:]
All of my life and all of my days
I never thought I would be here, I never thought I would be here
All of my life and all of my days
I never thought I would be here, and I feel it now, and my bones and my body wanna lift off

I spoke to Lauryn last night, man, she still got it
She performed Ready Or Not, the whole set was rocking
Skrillex brought me out before her set, I did Shabba
She said "I watched the whole thing, Ferg, your shit was proper"
Damn, Lauryn was watching my show?
Plus I came out to Juicy and I f*cked that Biggie flow
But it was cool cause the crowd caught the words for me
And when I did Work, they sung the whole shit for me
Coogi down to the socks, then the crowd applaud
I'm getting rich so I gotta stop the stage dive
Ain't smoked in a minute, but I sorta get a stage high
Especially when I'm done and the whole crowd stay live
I'm tired as hell, still come out for the encore
Looking fatigued, I'm out of breath, I need to run more
Then I hit my DJ like "we got one more"
And we nod, yeah, then I go for it, like

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