Art Garfunkel - The Decree Lyrics

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The Decree Lyrics
Then Gabriel came
And said to Joseph alone,
"Do not be afraid
To make Mary your own.
But go to your betrothed
And then be married,
The child is heaven-sent."

And it came to pass
That there went out a decree
From Caesar Augustus
That all the world would be taxed
And each went to be taxed
To his own city.
So Joseph also went
With his lady innocent,
With his lady innocent.

(The lions in the mountains
Let them pass and followed
Close by night to guard them.)

From Galilee to Bethlehem
She journeyed with only a donkey to ride,
With Joseph walking beside,
Came to David's city
While she was great with child,
Through a country dark and wild,
Through a country dark and wild.

(And on the far horizon
Rose a strange and brilliant
Star as though to guide them.)

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