Art Garfunkel - The Creatures Of The Field Lyrics

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The Creatures Of The Field Lyrics
And the creatures of the field
Waited in the silence of Gabriel's departing
And in the meadow kneeled
Still but for the sound of a frightened faun starting

'Til the owl said:
"Who raised up a clamor so harsh and deep?"
The owl said:
"Who caused gentle Mary to fret and weep?"

"Her window glows brightly
I fear that she cannot sleep."

Mary paced her room
[-unintelligible choir line]
Wishing that her heartbeat
Would cease its fearful pounding
Peered into the gloom
Silent as a tomb,
Not one distant drum sounding

As the owl said:
"Who caused such a stillness to mystify the earth-
And why?
See how she searches the darkened sky.
Who is there among us to sing her a lullaby?"

"Sing me a lullaby...."

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