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We're In a Parody Band Lyrics

From the Album: Adam Up

I went and wrote some parodies
Karl tried a little rock, put me on stage
Keith sleeps comedy, we threw him in the act
Bill adds some more soul and has a knack for chat

We're all four guys with many dreams
But God can help you focus these things
Music lyrics we re-write
As long as we can take a tune and show the Light

We're in a parody band
We're here to share with the fans
We've got a two-part style
We'll tell you part's Weird Al
The other part Billy Graham

Four Aquafinas and soda pop
We're waiting for the van to return from the shop
Philadelphia late at night it's battery died
The hotel we slept in, it was highly priced

Now seein' as I'm waiting
I have a plan
Would you like to meet the boys in the band
I'm J - Karl's the dude with the guitar on
And we've got Keith on bass and Bill on drums

We're in a parody band
We're in a terrible van
We're coming to your town, and if your car breaks down
We're good Samaritans, man

We're in a parody band
The Bible's there in your hand
You're thumbin' through yours now
We'll help you start it out
With a one-year reading plan

We're in a parody band
We're into prayer and defense
We're from a two-sport town
Three if the Pirates count
It's just so rare that we win

We're in a parody band
We're at a charity dance
We're only two doors down
We know it's shark week now
But please come there if you can

We're in a parody band ... Whoo-hoo!
We're in Bob Flaherty's band ... Whoo-hoo!
Will this hilarity end ... Whoo-hoo!

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