Death Has Been Swallowed Up In Victory Lyrics by A Plea For Purging

A Plea For Purging Lyrics

Death Has Been Swallowed Up In Victory Lyrics
They came from the hills
By the hundreds of thousands they swarmed
They marched in the shroud of the eve
Their flags raised high

Leaving nothing but tears in their wake
Mauling the weak, no mercy shown
Not a life was spared

Blood to earth, blade to bone
Declaring a world of ruin upon me
Overthrow His Majesty (Hey!)

Echoed through the trees
With the sound of war [2x]

Still... I killed them all
My God I watched them die... watched them die

It became so hard
To scream through their silence

I fought back against this evil wave
I watched as white flags raised
With His strength I march this crusade
With their last bleeding, berth they paid

Victims made, victims laid [2x]

Victory, victory, victory, victory
Cry victory, victory, victory


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