Angelic Upstarts Lyrics

Angelic Upstarts Lyrics

From the Album Sons Of Spartacus (2002) (buy at


From the Album Lost & Found (2000) (buy at

I Won't Pay For Liberty
Never Return To Hell

From the Album Blood On The Terraces (1987) (buy at

I Wanna Knighthood
Heart Attack In Paris
I Don't Wanna Fight The Soviet

From the Album Power Of The Press (1986) (buy at

Brighton Bomb
Empty Street
I Stand Accused
Power Of The Press
Stab In The Back

From the Album Angel Dust (1983) (buy at

The Murder Of Liddle Towers
Police Oppression
Last Night Another Soldier
Two Million Voices

From the Album 2,000,000 Voices (1981) (buy at

Guns For The Afghan Rebels
Mr. Politician
Kids On The Street

From the Album We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (1980) (buy at

Never 'Ad Nothing
Shotgun Solution

From the Album Teenage Warning (1979) (buy at

Teenage Warning
I'm An Upstart

Other Songs:
Machine Gun Kelly
The Murder Of Liddle Towers
Woman In Disguise

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