Andrew Peterson Lyrics

Andrew Peterson Lyrics

From the Album Light for the Lost Boy (2012) (buy at

Come Back Soon
The Cornerstone
Rest Easy
The Voice Of Jesus
The Ballad Of Jody Baxter
Day By Day
Shine Your Light On Me
Carry The Fire
You'll Find Your Way
Don't You Want To Thank Someone

From the Album Counting Stars (2010) (buy at

Dancing In the Minefields
Fool With a Fancy Guitar
God of My Fathers
In the Night My Hope Lives On
Isle of Skye
Many Roads
Planting Trees
The Last Frontier
The Magic Hour
World Traveler
You Came So Close

From the Album The Far Country (2005) (buy at
The Far Country
The Far Country
Lay Me Down
Queen Of Iowa
Little Boy Heart Alive
The Havens Grey
Mystery Of Mercy
Mountains On The Ocean Floor
All Shall Be Well
For The Love Of God

From the Album Behold The Lamb Of God (2004) (buy at
Behold The Lamb Of God
Gather 'round, Ye Children, Come
Passover Us
So Long, Moses
Deliver Us
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Matthew's Begats
It Came To Pass
Labor Of Love
The Holly And The Ivy
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks
Behold The Lamb Of God
The Theme Of My Song/reprise

From the Album Love & Thunder (2003) (buy at
Love & Thunder
Canaan Bound
Let There Be Light
Serve Hymn/holy Is The Lord
Pillar Of Fire
Just As I Am
Family Man
High Noon
The Silence Of God
After The Last Tear Falls

From the Album Clear To Venus (2001) (buy at
Clear To Venus
No More Faith
Mary Picked The Roses
Isn't It Love
Song And Dance
Loose Change
Hold Up My Arms
Steady As She Goes
Let Me Sing
Alaska Or Bust
Why Walk When You Can Fly

From the Album Carried Along (2000) (buy at
Carried Along
All The Way Home
The Chasing Song
Faith To Be Strong
Nothing To Say
Love Enough
The Coral Castle
Come, Lord Jesus
Rise And Shine
The Ninety And Nine

From the Album Walk (1996) (buy at
Another Day
If I Wanna Walk
Shades Of Home
Let Me Sing
I Can't Believe My Eyes
Rise And Shine

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