C'mon Lets Go Break Their Arms (demo) Lyrics by Anchors For Arms

Anchors For Arms Lyrics

C'mon Lets Go Break Their Arms (demo) Lyrics
I'm standing outside
So the rain will seep through my skin
And i'll hope this anchor in my chest
Will sit afloat.
I'll become weightless.
Cause i've been dragging my body
Through these streets with my knees
And i've been learning the need
For my feet has been depleting.
So i'm leaving them here
In the streets.
I'll keep it messy
Cause the only way to open eyes
Is to give them
Something so sickening
They shouldn't be looking.
So moving
It'll shed some feeling.
Just f*cking anything that'll peel them open.
But no one is listening.
No one is listening.

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