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Jesus Christ (impostor) Lyrics
Who was him
Just a human being
Imposed by the church
Killed for his sins
Who was him
Imposed by the force
Displacing ancient gods
With a very worst religion

Can you believe in this called son of God
Can you believe in this man

For this man many people suffer
For his name many people have died
For his church commit countless crimes
For his name you live in fear

Jesus Christ - Impostor
Jesus Christ - Impostor

Can you believe in a man
Divinized by a group of fakers
Can you believe in a story
Talled for his friends

Can you see that it's a lie
Manipulation of history
If you believe this
You can believe anything

Time has come
To open your eyes
And see for yourself
That it's a lie
Time has come
To fight against this crap
Destroy without mercy
All the stupid gods
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