The Amity Affliction Lyrics

The Amity Affliction Lyrics

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From the Album Misery (2018) (buy at
Ivy (Doomsday)
Feels Like I’m Dying
Holier Than Heaven
Burn Alive
Kick Rocks
Black Cloud
Drag The Lake
Beltsville Blues
Nothing Left
The Gifthorse

From the Album This Could Be Heartbreak (2016) (buy at
This Could Be Heartbreak

From the Album Let The Ocean Take Me (2014) (buy at
Let The Ocean Take Me

From the Album Chasing Ghosts (2012) (buy at
Chasing Ghosts
Chasing Ghosts
Life Underground
R.I.P. Bon
Open Letter
Greens Avenue
I Heart H.C.
Pabst Blue Ribbon On Ice
Geof Sux 666
Bondi St. Blues
Too Legit To Quit (iTunes Bonus Track)

From the Album Youngbloods (2010) (buy at

I Hate Hartley
H.M.A.S Look Back
Fire Or Knife
Dr. Thunder
Olde English 800
No Sleep 'Til Brisbane
R.I.P. Foghorn
F*ck The Yankees
15 Pieces Of Flare (Bonus Track)
Snicklefritz (Bonus Track)

From the Album Severed Ties (2008) (buy at

I Heart Roberts'
Snitches Get Stitches
Do You Party?
Poison Pen Letters
Fruity Lexia
So You Melted... [Instrumental]
Jesse Intense
The Blair Snitch Project
Love Is A Battlefield
Stairway To Hell

From the Album High Hopes (2007) (buy at

I Heart Throbsy
RIP Steggy
Straight Up
Dong Wayne
Cut It Out

From the Album The Amity Affliction (2005) (buy at

Cornerstone Of Misery
Empires Laid Waste
Black And Collapsed

Other Songs:
A Sleepless Winter (from "State of Affairs" 5-way split)
Cave In
Shine On

The Amity Affliction Info:

The Amity Affliction is an Australian post-hardcore/metalcore band from Gympie, Queensland formed in 2003. The band was formed by friends Ahren Stringer and Troy Brady in their final year of high school. -Wikipedia

Gympie, Queensland, Australia

Post-hardcore, metalcore, melodic hardcore

Years active:

Associated acts:
The Getaway Plan
Funeral for a Friend

Name Origin:
The band was named for a close friend of the band, who died in a car accident at the age of 17. 'Amity' refers to the friendship and 'Affliction' refers to the struggle they had with dealing with the death.

Troy Brady –
lead guitar (2003–2009; 2011–present); rhythm guitar (2009–2011)

Ahren Stringer –
vocals (2003–present), bass guitar (2007–present); rhythm guitar (2003–2007)

Joel Birch –
unclean vocals (2004–present)

Ryan Burt –
drums, percussion (2008–present)

Dan Brown –
rhythm guitar (2013–present)

Past members:
Garth Buchanan –
bass guitar (2003–2007)

Lachlan Faulkner –
drums, percussion (2003–2007)

Troels Thomasen –
drums, percussion (2007–2008)

Chris Burt –
rhythm guitar (2007–2009); bass guitar (2007)

Clint Owen Ellis (Splattering) –
lead guitar (2009–2011)

Trad Nathan –
keyboards, synth (2006–2011)

Imran Siddiqi –
rhythm guitar (2011–2012)

Tour Dates:

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