Sent Me An Angel (Jellojess Rox) Lyrics by Amanda Perez

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Sent Me An Angel (Jellojess Rox) Lyrics
It's been five months
since you went away
Left without a word,
nothing to say(nothin to say)
When I was the one,
who gave you my heart and soul,
but it wasn't good enough for you
So I asked God


God sent me an Angel
from the Heavens above
Sent me an Angel to heal my broken heart,
From being in love,
'cause all I cry(is cry)
God sent me an Angel
to wipe the tears from my eyes

And I know I might sound crazy,
but after all that I still loved you.
You wanna come back in my life,
but now theres something I have to do.
I have to tell the one that I once adored,
that they cant have my love no more,
My heart cant take no more lies,
and my eyes are all out of cries

repeat chorus:

Now you had me on my knees
Begging God please
to send you back to me
I couldn't eat
I couldn't sleep
You even made me feel like I could not breathe
one night all I wanted to do
was feel your touch
and to give you all of my love
but you took my love for granted
want my lovin now
but you cant have little

repeat chorus

Ohhhh God!

Sent me an Angel(send me an angel)
An Angel!
Wipe the tears from my eyes
God sent me an Angel from the Heavens above
Sent me an Angel(to heal my broken heart)
God send me an Angel
from being in love
sent me(an Angel)
ohh God!
send me an Angel
send me(an Angel)
(an Angel)

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