Candy Kisses (Remix) Lyrics by Amanda Perez

Amanda Perez Lyrics

Candy Kisses (Remix) Lyrics
(feat. Pitbull)

[Pitbull {Amanda Perez slowed down}:]
Amanda, you know I got your back
It's Mr. 305, checkin' in on the remix {I got them candy kisses on my mind}
Heh heh heh
For all the women out there that wonder
If Pit is
Really a freak or not
Just know this, baby (Ha ha ha)
I got them candy kisses
Ha ha ha

[Rap Verse: Pitbull]
Mama want them
Candy kisses, right?
And that's what I give her, right?
When I kiss her below the liver, she quivers
And I gotta deliver
Like the mailman, I'm talkin'
Carl Malone from John Stock
And I promise
Once I start, then I won't stop
Got her in a
Backseat, all the soft talk
Gettin' hot
Gettin' wet, and she knows what she gettin' next
Ya tu sabes que con migo es
Diferente when we havin' sex
Yo te doy el
Caramelo bueno que huepe loca
En la calle
Mujer en la cama, eres [{*puta*}]
And that's what I
Love about ya
We'll be together, it's all about ya
I remember when I hollered at ya
For the first time
Swear to God
Couldn't get you off my mind
Now, baby, let's ride

[Verse 1: Amanda Perez]
I never met nobody like you
That'll do all the things
That you do
Every night, when I go to sleep
And my heart skip a beat
By the way you
Kiss me

[Hook: Amanda Perez]
And oooh
Now I see
This is the way that love supposed to be
Me with you
You with me
I don't ever want you to leave
Cause you give me

[Chorus: Amanda Perez (Amanda Perez slowed down)]
Candy kissess
All over me
(I got them candy kisses on my mind)
Like a
Kid in a candy store
Always wanna come back for more
Cause he's my
Now and Later on a rainy day
Always here to take my stress
He's my Sugar Daddy
I'm his candy girl
We got the sweetest love in the
Whole, wide, world

[Verse 2:]
Take me away
To another day
I can hear him say
"Girl, I can't be without ya"
No, I can't be without ya
Don't ever want to think about you
Lovin' no one else but me



[Amanda Perez (Amanda Perez slowed down):]
Daydreaming all the time
Candy kisses on my mind
(Candy kisses, candy kisses
On my mind, on my mind)
Daydreaming all the time
Candy kisses on my mind


[Chorus: Til Fade]

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