Alghazanth Lyrics

Alghazanth Lyrics

From the Album Vinum Intus (2011) (buy at
Vinum Intus
A Living Grave
With A Thorn In Our Hearts
Only The Reflection Bleeds
Under The Arrow Star
Our Ascent Of The Tower
Wine Within
For Thirteen Moons
The Way Of The Scales

From the Album Wreath Of Thevetat (2008) (buy at
Wreath Of Thevetat
Moving Mountains
The Kings To Come
The Phosphorescent
On Blackening Soil
Rain Of Stars
Future Made Flesh
As Nothing Consumes Everything

From the Album The Polarity Axiom (2004) (buy at
The Polarity Axiom
The Herald For Reason
Chaos Attributes
Blood Beguiles Phantoms
8th Sphere
With Black Aureoles
Forsaking The Yoke

From the Album Subliminal Antenora (2001) (buy at
Subliminal Antenora
Breathless Flesh Sculpture
Of Predators And Preys
The Mirrored Deathwish Paranoia
An Ode To The Bringer Of Chaos
Anno Sathani

From the Album Osiris - Typhoon Unmasked (2001) (buy at
Osiris - Typhoon Unmasked
The Circle Of Six
Mercurian Soulscapes
In Invidiam
My Twin Of Disorder
Regained Planetary Possession
The Parody's Zenith
Horns And Feathers

From the Album Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity (1999) (buy at
Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity
Introduction (The Broken Talon)
The Unbounded Wrath
My Somberness Surmounted
Of A Stormgrey Vision
He Awaits...
Towards The Tempting Infinity
Ensnared In Moonshades
When The Spirits Dance In Grief
The Thorns Cry Blood

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