The Alchemist Lyrics

The Alchemist Lyrics

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From the Album Chemical Warfare (2009) (buy at
Chemical Warfare
Lose Your Life
Chemical Warfare
Take A Look Back

From the Album The Alchemist's Cookbook (2008) (buy at
The Alchemist's Cookbook
Calmly Smoke

From the Album No Days Off (2006) (buy at
No Days Off

From the Album 1st Infantry (2004) (buy at
1st Infantry
Dead Bodies
The Essence
Hold you down
D Block To QB
Where Can We Go
Tick Tock
Different worlds

From the Album Insomnia: 1st Infantry Mixtape Vol. 2 (2003) (buy at
Insomnia: 1st Infantry Mixtape Vol. 2
My priorities

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Bangers (From "G-Unit Radio Pt. 5: All Eyes On Us" Mixtape)
I Know Your Name

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