The Boss Americana Lyrics by Albert Hammond, Jr.

Albert Hammond, Jr. Lyrics

The Boss Americana Lyrics
Jump as you go alone inside my room
Just for a bit can't you see I watch as you go by
While all the others try for a while

Oh, can't you stay on my face, these stains you can't see
Now have you gone for a bit, I know you're not the same
It's hard for me to blame

Well, I won't know if I won't ask you to stay
Would you let me go?
And I will have your way, you know they took it down
The things you'd say

Crap, have you seen we trust an empty green?
With a face of regret we could have washed the stains
Another night remains

After all I'm not with you and I know the trees go back below
High as we fly one more time, I?m not beneath the wind
I?m not beneath the wind

Well, you're all I know and I don't want you to stay
Oh, won't you please let go?
I wouldn't have you that way disperse our love
If you won't ask me to pay, yeah, oh

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