A Violent Shade Of Winter Lyrics by A Good Day To Die

A Good Day To Die Lyrics

A Violent Shade Of Winter Lyrics
Your hands feel tight around my neck as your body relaxes next to mine,
Bring winter here it might keep my body alive longer, t
His cant be, this wont be, goodbye,
I can feel your breath blister my skin, and it would feel so good if you could stay alive to hear this song,
We could go outside and chase our frozen hearts around tonight,
My hearts in your hands,
I want the ground to thaw, so i can put myself to sleep,
I want the snow to fall so no one will ever find me,
And over my dead body, you will mourn the life youve been given not the life ive lost,
I watch the snow glisten in your eyes and
I cant find the words to speak

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