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Rebecca Lyrics
She stands true to herself, the same person as always. yet you spoke phrases that ended in words like "forever." and i cant understand how this affects you.
I guess i'll never understand how this affects you. she stands true to herself and your afraid of what people say. or is it more than that? has all of this meant nothing? she cant change who she is, you can't change who you are, i cant change who i am, who are you to judge, she can't change
Nothing has changed except for your perception.
She still stands the same alone and strong. i thought i remembered promises and i still dont understand how this affects you. she stood through all our petty melodrama and you just turn and forget. nothing has changed since the day that you met her except for you. her love feels just like yours and you (think you) can judge whats pure. its funny how two words can change four years. so find your strength from inside.

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