The Psychotic Legend of Uncle Donnie Lyrics by Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler Lyrics

The Psychotic Legend of Uncle Donnie Lyrics
holy shit, this boat is sweet uncle donnie.
It must be fast and shit.
This f*cking boat's got more balls then the f*ckin celtic's lockeroom.
yeah but it musta cost you like 50 Gs or something.
One might think that but guess what? It didn't cost me jack shit.
What do you mean?
I stole it out of a winter storage parking lot.
No f*cking way! You shitten me?
Yeah, paintjob, change of the license and bingo here we are sunny times.
Oh yeah, the sun is extra f*cking hot, I had to stop drinking or I was gonna
pass out.
I didn't eat all day, I'm extra f*cking buzzed.

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