The Peeper Lyrics by Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler Lyrics

The Peeper Lyrics
The peeper, The peeper,
Whats going through his head?

Climbing the tree.
Slowly, quietly,
Looking for next branch.
Found it, got it.
Window height, great view.
Settlin' in, keepin it quiet.

Hidden. Heart pounding through chest.
Waiting. Looking around.
Lights on jackpot, here she is.
Oh my, new pants.
Classy, not too tight.
Walking around the room.
No idea I'm here.
Lovin' It. Rubbin her feet.
Tough day. Relaxing.
Hops off bed going towards bathroom.
Shutting the door.

Alone again. Waiting.
Looking around. Bored.
Pull out nipple clips.
Painful! Oww.
But deserved it.

Bathroom door opens. Lovin it.
Oh my, hair's in a pony tail.
She picks up the tv clicker. Click.
Sitting back. Watching.
Watching her watch. Lovin it.
She laughs. Hahaha, I laugh.
Sharing a moment.

Theres her dog, not good.
He can smell me. Should've showered.
Barking. Please leave. Oh no here she comes.
Staying motionless. F*ckin dog's losing it.
Spot, you be quiet and go home like a good boy.
Doesnt see me. She's georgeous. I'm broken.

Knock at front door, she goes to answer.
It's him, the boyfriend.
They kiss. I'm fuming. Also hard.
Hatin myself. Sniffing fingers.
She moans. I moan
He looks up, busted. Should not have moaned.
He walks towards window. Muscular.
Full of rage. Looking right at me.
Feeling shame. Completely worthless.
Hard as a rock.
(Male Yelling)

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