Kermit And Big Bird Stoned Lyrics by Adam Sandler

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Kermit And Big Bird Stoned Lyrics
can ya tell me how to get,
how to get to seceamia street

Kermit: Hello, kermit the frog here,
And welcome to seceamia street
Id like to tell you what todays letter is but i am really
ffff*cked up
Big bird, do you know what todays letter is?
Big bird: Sure kernit...
Todays letter is....joint
Kermit: ya...Big bird, joint is not a letter, it is a word
Big Bird:Sorry kids, todays letter is...3
Kermit: Big bird, 3 is a number
Big bird: Exactly! The number 3, which is how many joints i'v smoked today
...kermit, are you with me?
Kermit:God im stoned...
Big bird: Me too...
Elmo:guys, guys, show go on! Come on!
Kermit:Thank you bout we say our abc's?
Big Bird:I forgot what we where doing, krammit
Kermit:...did you just call me...krammit?
Big bird:Yes i did
Kermit:...Krammit the frog here...well kids thats all the time we have for today
goodbye kids...todays show was bought to you by the letter
Big bird:Bong
Kermit:And the number
Big bird: God, your messed up
Kermit:..F*ck you, the number f*ck you...bye bye!
Big Bird:Bye bye kids!

can ya tell me how to get,
how to get to senceamia street

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