I Will Go Back To School Lyrics by Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler Lyrics

I Will Go Back To School Lyrics
Yes I will go back to school and achieve victory no man will take
what my father has built unless that man is meeeeeeee

My Billy sweet Billy boy I knew you would go back no one can
stop you if you try....don't I have a nice rack

Veronica I thank you for beating the shit out of me I see things so
clearly now i choose my destiny

Oh, Billy i knew you had it in you

Were here to help you Billy get back in school to stay you gotta
work real hard and stick it out till graduation day

Hey kids its me I bet you thought that I was dead but when I fell over
I just broke my leg and got a hemirage in my head ha ha

There are obstacles in the way but together we can overcome (overcome)
but you can't break a spirit and you can't give a dream

Do you have anymore gum more gum

Do you have any more gum

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