The Great Escape Lyrics by A Corpse Named Abel

A Corpse Named Abel Lyrics

The Great Escape Lyrics
Black shadows cover your light you shrink into your corner still you wish to forget me
You wish youd never met me remember this face you will never see it again your going away ive come for your last breath i am coming for you this is your last breath it will be a great moment just you wait and see it will be a great moment im waiting to make you fall i can see through your front i can see the lies on your tounge i can sence the tension in your voice i am the one you despise deceet in your every corner you cant hide behind your mask i will expose you dark thoughts racing the moment draws closer tunnel vision plans in motion i come for my redemption blood soaked hands i make my great escape i hope you feel the pain i felt when you took my life away nothing lost nothing gained your life is through by my hands

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