Acid Brains Lyrics

Acid Brains Lyrics

From the Album Far Away (2006) (buy at
Far Away
Do You Wanna Hear Me?
Be Like A Wanna Be
I Hate Reviews
In The Heavens
Something Wrong
If All Is The Same
I'll Go Away From Here

From the Album The End Of The Show (2003) (buy at
The End Of The Show
Behind The Door
Still Alive
That's My Dirty Way
Live To Leave
It Would Be Nice
In Her Eyes
Am I Ingenuous?
Your Dreams
So Lucky
Out Of This World
Call Me Now

From the Album New Shit In My Mind (2002) (buy at
New Shit In My Mind
Shit, Milk & Pain
Flowers Sniffing
People Don't Understand
I’m Gone
Take Another Way
If You Think

From the Album Very Isolated (2001) (buy at
Very Isolated
Rainy Day
His Little Girl
I’m Not Like You
Remember Your Soul
Very Isolated
Up To The Stars
My Indipendence
Too Late

From the Album A Life Around This (2000) (buy at
A Life Around This
Time To Cry
A Life Around This
Poison Apple
Broken Minded
Empty Bottle

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