Watch For Falling Rocks Lyrics by A Cat Called Cricket

A Cat Called Cricket Lyrics

Watch For Falling Rocks Lyrics
We spent all day on each others nerves
And we’ve still got two hundred miles to go
Lets not waste this drive,
The mountains are alive
And our problems they are dying to know

We drive up the steep hills and around the curves
Passing by overlooks on our way
Don’t spend to much time looking down below
Because right up ahead there are signs that say

Watch for falling rocks
When they fall, they fall hard
Live for days like these
That always seem so far
Hold on to memories
You always wish you had
Watch for…

The roar of a fire will warm your soul
Melting the bonds that we have together
We may swim in waters that seem so cold
But the warmth inside will last forever

Watch for…

At night the fireflies are keeping us awake
They expose everything, and everything we hate
Like the city lights, that don’t mean anything from these heights
But the starriest sky can mean so much more, with less light

Watch for, live for, hold on….

To me

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