The Academy Is... Lyrics

The Academy Is... Lyrics

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From the Album Lost In Pacific Time (2009) (buy at
Lost In Pacific Time
I'm Yours Tonight
Days Like Masquerades
New York (Saint In The City)
In The Rearview

From the Album Fast Times At Barrington High (2008) (buy at

About A Girl
Summer Hair = Forever Young
His Girl Friday
The Test
Rumored Nights
Automatic Eyes
Crowded Room
After The Last Midtown Show
Beware! Cougar!
Paper Chase
One More Weekend
Every Burden Has A Version (iTunes Bonus Track)
Sodium (iTunes Bonus Track)
Tokyo Bay (Limited Edition Vinyl Bonus Track)

From the Album Santi (2007) (buy at

Same Blood
LAX To O'Hare
We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands
Sleeping With Giants (Lifetime)
Everything We Had
Bulls In Brooklyn
Chop Chop
You Might Have Noticed
Unexpected Places
Ghost (Best Buy Bonus Track)
Toasted Skin (iTunes Bonus Track)
40 Steps (iTunes Bonus Track)

From the Album From The Carpet (2006) (buy at
From The Carpet
Pour Yourself A Drink (Basement Demo)
The Fever (Acoustic)
The Phrase That Pays (Nashville Version)
Working Class Hero
Down And Out (Piano Rendition)
Black Mamba (Three In The Morning Party Mix)

From the Album Almost Here (2005) (buy at

Slow Down
The Phrase That Pays
Black Mamba
Skeptics And True Believers
Down And Out
Almost Here

From the Album The Academy (2004) (buy at
The Academy
The Author
Judas Kiss
In Our Defense
Dear Interceptor

Other Songs:
Fox On The Run (from "When in Rome" soundtrack)
Mayonnaise (from MySpace Smashing Pumpkins Tribute)
Memento Mori
Superman (from "Sound of Superman" compilation)
Winter Passing

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