Abstract Rude Lyrics

Abstract Rude Lyrics

From the Album Showtyme (2003) (buy at amazon.com)

From the Album P.A.I.N.T. (2001) (buy at amazon.com)
Stop Biting

From the Album Code Name: Scorpion (2001) (buy at amazon.com)
Code Name: Scorpion
Smokin' in Here
Stop Biting
Rifle Association
And That You Can Quote
Pillow Fulla Scrilla
Jam Packed
Screwed on Tight
She's Always Right

From the Album Mood Pieces (1998) (buy at amazon.com)
Mood Pieces
Inside your eyes
Somethin' About This Music

Other Songs:
Come on
Come Out to Play
Hi-low degrees
Warlords of the Flies

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