Hammerhead Lyrics by A Brand

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Hammerhead Lyrics
Prove ‘em wrong girl don’t deny it
Prove ‘em wrong girl
Time’s against you, well I’m against time
Prove ‘em wrong girl
You wake up and you might find
Prove ‘em wrong girl
Be of your time when it’s your time to shine
Prove’em wrong girl

And you know you’re right and you just keep it out of sight x2
You push, you shove, you shout, you kick, you spit, you hit x2

If it makes tomorrow alright, hammerhead, hammerhead, hammerhead, hammerhead x2

You don’t need a house on the esplanade
Prove ‘em wrong girl
You’re just as stubborn as your old man
Prove ‘em wrong girl
You are sick and tired, they’re full of shite
Prove ‘em wrong girl
All these people trying to buy you out

Chorus x 4
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