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Love Is Not Enough Lyrics
I've had too many a good cry for you
This is my time to say goodbye to you

In my heart of hearts
I know there's more love left for you
But love is not enough, I've learned,
To see the journey through

This is not yours alone
It hurts me too
Please don't say you don't care
(I know you do)

Love is not enough for me
If it screams when you hold it
Love is not enough for me
Love is hurting if it screams
Oh if it's screaming out loud

Love is not enough

One day you will fly away from here
One day you will leave your hurts behind
Writer: Paavo Olavi Siljamaeki, Jonathan David Grant, Anthony Patrick James Mcguinness, Andrew Bayer, Zoe Johnston
Copyright: Lyrics © Involved Publishing

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