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Giving It Out Lyrics
For so long now
for so long now I've been trying
It's not working
I've been trying and hoping and wishing
with every part of me
It's not working

I've been giving it out
But it's not coming back to me, baby
Kept thinking that somehow...
But I'm going to go now~
(Now I want to be FREE)

You can call out my name
and tell me about your pain
But I'm not coming back to you, baby
I'll be giving it out
But it's not going to come back to you

There's only so much
Only so much you can do
My heart is breaking
I keep on giving it out
Because I love you~

But ohhh this is not enough for me
Now I want to be free
I'll be giving it out
All the good stuff
Giving it out to someone
Who loves me
Writer: Paavo Olavi Siljamaeki, Jonathan David Grant, Anthony Patrick James Mcguinness, Zoe Johnston
Copyright: Lyrics © Involved Publishing

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