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Alchemy Lyrics
All these words you speak to me
Are from a foreign land
You're telling me that birds don't fly
How can it be that you love her?
You don't have to raise your voice
I still don't understand
There's me and you, and you and me
So how can it be that you love her?

It was alchemy
To sing to me your freedom song
To make love where there was none
Alchemy ~ now it's all gone
And she is the golden one

So what are you saying?
We've got to dismantle it all?
Rip up the paper, smash up the walls
How can it be that you love her?
Take all of the things that we so carefully made
Take all of the life you have betrayed
How can it be that you love her?
Writer: Paavo Olavi Siljamaeki, Jonathan Grant, Jonathan David Grant, Anthony Patrick James Mcguinness, Anthony Mcguinness, Paavo Siljamaeki, Zoe Johnston
Copyright: Lyrics © Fairwood Music (Uk) Ltd. O.B.O. Involved Music Ltd., Involved Publishing

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