This Time Around Lyrics by A Billion Ernies

A Billion Ernies Lyrics

This Time Around Lyrics
He hadn’t talked to his Father in a while

He was busy doing his own thing.

Anything to get a cheap smile

Anything to keep him in denial

Sitting alone wandering in his thoughts

He felt a desperate loneliness and they began to talk

He said that

“After tonight I’m through with this”

But was he saying anything

Or just moving his lips

Tomorrow morning I will be different

I know that it’s been far to long

And sometimes I want you back again.

So he enjoyed that night.

At least the best he could.

It took him back to pre-pubescent years

When tomorrows Sunday school class

Would eat away in the back of your head

And eat away your perfect Saturday.

He hoped if he didn’t go to bed

That moon would never go away.

Logically the sun would keep sleeping.

Hypothetically tomorrow would
never come.

Maybe this one night the Earth’s rotation would cease

Until he rested his head.

You never know. You never

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