Please Don't Reveal The Ending Lyrics by A Billion Ernies

A Billion Ernies Lyrics

Please Don't Reveal The Ending Lyrics
I stepped out of my house for the first time in my life
I'm feelin' pretty good
Got on my best suit and tie
I'm riding in a car i've never been in before
It's black and followed by a few more
We start to slow down to make a quick stop
Someone opens the back and takes out a box
Standing around a hole with flowers and a tree
I look at the headstone to see it's me
I'm gonna be late to the show time to go for the life of me
I can't express how much i want for you to see, but my tongue
Holds back
I just want you to know the ending is worth the wait
I know the plot is slow but this secret must be kept
I start to walk away then a man calls out for me
Over here, my friend, now it's time to leave
He pat's me on the back
Said the movie will be great
A stroke of genius that will make you realize that all that you
Lived for is right,
But one thing he said
There's one simple rule
Slowly the destination comes into view
The lights are blinding
I shield my eyes
The closer i get the warmer i feel
The kind of warmth that makes your soul heal
I pull out my wallet to pay
At the door the man behind the window tells me it's all paid for

He hands me the ticket and we head inside
The free ticket seemed strange so i asked my guide why
He told me i'd lived a good life
My questions will all be aswered soon so
Here's some popcorn
Your movie is in that room
Please, do not reveal the ending

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