Persecution Lyrics by A Billion Ernies

A Billion Ernies Lyrics

Persecution Lyrics
Good husband, friend, and dad.

He had a lot worth living for.

He had flaws, he made mistakes

Just like anyone.

Good to those who think like them

They never meant to hurt

Condescending attitudes

They think God only loves them

He will always walk in the dark

Because that’s all he knows

They will always judge everyone

Because that’s all they know

In his mind he is resolved,

Put your thoughts back on the shelf

There is no changing him now

There is no love in him now

In their minds they “plant the seed”

They think they did their job.

There is no changing him now.

There is no love in him now.

“Do You Know What it’s Like to Sleep Forever?”

What if they taught about

He could have lived forever.

“Do You Know What It’s Like
to Sleep Forever?”

He never got the chance,

And he never will.

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