Anonymous Lyrics by A Billion Ernies

A Billion Ernies Lyrics

Anonymous Lyrics
Where’s the line between
Genious and stupidity
What’s the difference

Between profound and offensive?

You sing about my “empty” faith

While you call me closed-minded

I don’t even know your name.

And you pretend you’re the “enlightened one”

I have nothing to say to you,

But you think you have one

When I have nothing to prove to you.

Hide behind your dots,

your asterisk, your “anonymous.”

I know more about you

Than you think that you know about me.

You are a dime a dozen.

You are nothing special.

Slap us in the face,

Turn your back and run.

Go and hide before you are proved wrong.

Christ is the reason we write
these songs.

There is nothing you can do about it.

All the world will hold this song as proof

That you have made impact on me

But you just wait and see

I will stick with my God forever.

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