Second Thoughts Lyrics by A Better Half

A Better Half Lyrics

Second Thoughts Lyrics
I'll bust out my guitar
and play it all night long
Because I'm giving you space.
I'll turn the TV on
Shove popcorn in my face
Because I'm such a disgrace to you.

But it's just so hard to do,
To sit here and be led on by you.
Having second thoughts is fine by me
But honestly, it's killing me.

Look at your pretty face,
I tear it off the wall
Because I'm giving you space.
Reading all your notes
As they're consumed by flames,
Because you're such a disgrace to me
But it's just so hard to do,
To figure out what I saw in you.
You didn't care when you broke my heart
So now we'll start, to grow apart.

Well just look at you now,
You're sad and all alone
Because I gave you your space.
And now I'm flying high,
I guess you should have known
I'd throw it back in your face.

And it's not so hard to do,
To tell you that I'm over you.
So have as many thoughts as you'd like
'cause I'm alright, to say goodnight


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