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I Am Music Lyrics
I'll be with you on your way to work
When your car turns on you'll probably hear me (yeah)
You can't run your car without me (without me)
Want a deal cost you a hundred G's

CHORUS [Static]
I am music
I'm melodies, harmonies
Stereo and mono, on the radio, the radio
I said I am music
Simply dope beats
Intros and drumb rolls, on the radio, the radio

I'll meet ya at a summer jam (summer jam)
I'm with you PM or AM
I'll work out with you when you're at the gym (at the gym)
And when you clean the house I'll be in den (coz I am)

CHORUS [Timbaland and Static]
I am music
Melodies, harmonies
Mono, stereo, ohhhhhhhhhhh
I am music
Simply dope beats
Tempos and drumb rolls, ohhhhhhhhh

You may find me at shopping malls
I'm not buying, but I'll be for sale
I'll be your feeling when you talent shows
You might hear me at restaurants (coz I am)

CHORUS [repeat chorus 2]
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