8 Mile Bonus Features - Freestle Battle [Eminem Vs Lyrics by 8 Mile

8 Mile Lyrics

8 Mile Bonus Features - Freestle Battle [Eminem Vs Lyrics

Yo, B-Rabbit?
This silly rabbit don’t like lettuce I heard he likes dicks
Faggot niggas
With ponytails and lipstick
I’m for real
Don’t give a f*ck
What, what, hoho
It’s like this
Eastside’s where I’m from
You got beef?
Hit me on the street with a badge and a gun
F*ck a badge
I’m comin through with black mags
Bout to
Do this B-Rabbit nigga cause he’s a fag
Like I said earlier in the claw........


Alright look
I can see when I put her to the test
Battling this chick…
With no breast
And why I gotta battle a chick
Especially one that’s wack…
With a dick
So you a dope MC?
Don’t get mad and start taking your period out on me
Cause I ain’t done shit to you
What’s your name diffusion
Well then I guess I gotta diffuse you
This ain’t something I’m used to
Why the f*ck did future even introduce you
I really don’t understand
Why this chick is up her right now who wants to be a man
On this mic is rat-a-tat-tat
Why the f*ck am I up here battling da brat
You don’t even really wanna see this
On this microphone I will eat your f*ckin fetus
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