B-Rabbit And Sol (Car Park Battle) Lyrics by 8 Mile

8 Mile Lyrics

B-Rabbit And Sol (Car Park Battle) Lyrics
Your style is generic
mines authentic made
i roll like a renegade, u need clinic aid
Ma techniques bizarre 'n' ill
I scar 'n' kill
You were a star till i served u like a bar n grill
as i proceed to cook n grill ya
Thats all it took to kill ya
You betta recognise me like i look familiar
You wanna battle
You beat it round da bush like ya scared ta lick pussy so u eat it round da tush
I need a clown ta push, sum1 that i can bully
Wait a minute, i dnt think u undastand fully
See me without a style is like mustard without the Heinz
I lead the new skool
Youre a Busta without the Rhymes
Ill crush the shit out ya line

Yo im da man chicky
Smokin d lick licky
10 freaky girls inside da chin tiki
Girl when ya see me ya better believe me
This aint a game
and pimpin aint easy
Anything goes when it comes ta hoes
Im da kingpin when it comes ta flowz
Ya betta ask sum1 if u dont know
when ya see me though say 'Whaddup Doe!'
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