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3Oh!3 Lyrics

I Know How To Say Lyrics
I got a date in San José
I got a flight that I gotta take tonight,
Cuz I got plans in Tokyo, Japan
I got a cabin in Switzerland.

I got a dinner in Rio de Janeiro
Wake up next to pharaohs hungover in Cairo,
Sleeping in, it's the weekend, New Zealand
And then it's back to CO to rock the show

I'm sorry but I have to go,
There's so many ladies that I know,
U could try to get me here to stay,
But u know that i'll be leaving here today.

(oohh) I gotta go now,
But I really wanna stay.
Cuz I know how to say....
I'm always in a different time zone,
My home's where I roam.
I'm never gonna stop, I'm a rolling stone.
Cuz I know how to say...
You love me many different ways.

Stumble in, on the streets of Berlin
We can french kiss through the border fences,
There's underwear on the mic stand in Iceland
Then it's back to NYC on the m.i.c.

I've got a party in Saudi Arabia
Drunk in a building so high in Dubai
I wanna touch ya in a park-a in Russia
It was nice to see ya but this is goodbye.



Ai shi teru, te amo, I love you, je t'aime
Everywhere I go I always say the same thing.
In Russia, Japan, Brazil, Spain,
Everywhere I go they seem to scream the same name.

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