The 2 Live Crew - In The Dust Lyrics

The 2 Live Crew Lyrics

In The Dust Lyrics
[licking noise]

"If you would suck my soul, I will lick your funky emotions."

"Is this America?! YEAH!
Is this freedom?! NO!
Is this Democracy?! NO!
Is equality?! NO!
What do we want? FREEDOM!!"

[Fresh Kid Ice]
Taking this shit into the effect mode
Expressing my feelings before I exploded
About the suffering passed on to a black man
By the money hungry seeking white man
F*cking up our streets with pollution
Then lock a nigga up for the solution ("Get in that cell, boy!")
There they go now taking on the little man
F*ck wit the cartel or the white man

[samples from "Scarface"]

Arrest musicains for the things they say
But can't find a crime after it got sprayed
This is America, In God We Trust
We won justice but...a dick is in the dust...

[Amazing V]
I'm stereotyped, so I fit the description
A nigga has the stigma for pushing or pimpin'
Police harass me and public embarrass me
They use brutality without asking me
I'm mad cause I was caught and reached for his license
Cops pulls the gun [*fires*] and cold-iced him
And I'm a victim of society I got societal ills
It's harder to pay bills than pop pills
They send a brother off to fight for your country
When ask for ours, we get nothing
I look for work and get my feelings hurt
They got my back against the wall
And my dick is in the DIRT...

[Luke "Skyywalker" Campbell - talking]
Let's talk about this man they call Nino Brown
The black man they call Nino Brown
You know there's alot of Nino Browns in every city
in the United States of America
America had formed a Nino Brown in every city
Basically because we have no way out!
Ah, Is that what America really wants us to think
That we have don't way out?
Here's an example, you have never seen
A black man come into Miami...with pounds and pounds of marijuana
Pounds and pounds of cocaine
You have never seen a black man drop off
A kilo load of cocaine out of a plane
You've never seen this
Yet it is still in our community everyday
And we're the ones going to jail for it

[Fresh Kid Ice]
The system is designed to lead us to stray
So we turn to guns and drugs for our pay
It's the sign of the times
"I gotta get mine, all I live is a life of crime"

[Amazing V]
I come up hard from the ran down ghetto
You talk your ass off, but tell me what a nigga know
All I see is alot of neighborhood drama
Babies crying, I wonder where's the mama?
She O.D. and got rushed to trauma
A dealer had to deal to make a fast buck
She was just a patient...what the f*ck?!
His back's against the wall...and his dick's in the DUST...

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