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Nojes Improvisation Lyrics
Silecio no estudio
Tá gravando já?

This one is make run away moon
A cry and see main main
Falling enjoy
Round standy i

I nerver see
Perae perae minha palheta si quebro toda
Porra que porra vamo ouvi isso ae que massa
Com palheta e tudo pausa pausa

And never crazy crying
Falling dinóis
Fight to fear

All my each or is mil
A staling to fear
And this is in the brain
Ass falling night

Leave main the send naaaaaaaaaaaaãã
A trau
Falling jamed search
If power
If ounders
Day oueils
The bláss
Smash more the enemys
To sin

The power a music
The magic the live
Darvins a lot to the pai (metal)
Na na na na na na na na naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sufuring in the hot terrible hell
Sufuring in the hot terrible fall

Into your grave are vermin's
Eatting your body
And licking your ass
Eating your brain
Eating you fast

Hi no more fay lip to the score
And now as brichen to the wall
On standed
Prich to die
On the braiche
Land on hi
Metal this sies rahng

A morte de uma palheta
Na mão do calone não aguenta
O violão coitado dele
Suas cordas vão arrebentar
(ná ná ná ná ná náaaarrrrebentar)
O calone está vermelho
Tocando violão
(violão, violão, violão, fico o violão)
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